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Mosaic Place

The heart of Purley


New Designs!

Exclusive images of the latest proposals including the new look tower.

After a question from someone using the site, we have added a feedback addendum. You can read it by clicking here.

New homes and community facilities for Purley

Purley Baptist Church has been serving the community of Purley for over 100 years. This development is an opportunity for the Church to revolutionise the benefits it delivers to Purley. Mosaic Place is a new state of the art facility delivering new community infrastructure, fit for the 21st Century and beyond.

In order to achieve this vision, the Church has partnered with Thornsett, a property development company with a long track record of delivering homes and community regeneration. The development is being designed by award winning architects, Proctor and Matthews, who are the winner of the Civic Trust National Panel Special Award, 2015.

Mosaic Place includes the delivery of a new Purley Baptist Centre together with new residential accommodation. Please look at details of both these aspects of the development, as well as a map of the development which illustrates 'before' and 'after' views from around the area.

In addition to the many benefits associated with the Purley Baptist Centre, we believe the new housing will play a vital role in helping to revitalise economic activity in the town centre. We recognise the importance of the scheme for Purley and are working closely with the local authority and other stakeholders to ensure that the impact of the development will be positive and long lasting for the immediate and wider area.

Latest Proposal Updates

Revised Tower Appearance

The feedback we received challenged our architects to identify what people love about Purley and how that might become a part of a landmark building. The revised design is more elegant and slender - avoiding a ‘corporate’ or ‘office-like’ look.

Using the leafy nature of Purley as their inspiration, Proctor and Matthews Architects, and Philip Cave Associates (our landscape designers) have developed a new design based around a canopy of trees set at the top of Mosaic Place. The trees are set within a distinctive stone framework inspired by the stone ‘tracery’ detailing of some of the early buildings in the centre of Purley. The projecting stone tracery wraps around the rest of the tower giving it a richness, depth and texture, setting it apart from the uniformity of many tall buildings.

Comment on new Tower Appearance

South Site - Design Evolution

Following the feedback received on the South Site, Capital Architecture have been busy revising the proposals for the South Site, and we are now pleased to be able to release an image of how they are expecting it might look. Lower in height than the Island Site and set amongst trees and hedges, the South Site takes its inspiration from the wider Purley suburban character.

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